Plant Safety Regulation (PSR) and ORHV (RP, AO & AS)

Safety deficits in refinery plants, energy or power plants, and petrochemical plants can threaten the environment and the health of employees and local residents. We provide complete safety verification services throughout the entire life cycle of a production process at power plants. Our experts assist in all matters of plant safety, from planning the plant to damage control. We help implement and comply with statutory regulations governing industrial safety, surface water protection, environment, nuclear engineering, and hazardous goods.

Our experts conduct assessment of process safety management system, process hazard analysis, in-depth quantitative risk assessment and mechanical integrity assessment and then recommend and implement industrial safety management services.

Our plant safety experts offer you a wide range of services to help you implement operational safety and environmental protection measures like Operating Regulations for High Voltage Systems (ORHVS). We make provisions for a Responsible Person (RP), Appointed Operator (AO), and Authorized Supervisor (AS) for a processing plant to work proficiently within regulatory guidelines.

PSR Benefits

  • Optimize processes and establish a viable plant and process safety management system that supports reliable incident prevention.
  • Identify the degree of compliance and level of necessary improvement required for your plant’s process safety management system.
  • Achieve compliance with statutory regulations and international standards of industrial safety.
  • Reinforce the confidence of employees, local residents, and the general public in the safety of your plants.

Other Services